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El Salvador


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Blvd. del Hipodromo 548

Colonia San Benito

Tel: 503 2263 8649


Founded in




“Xocolatísimo takes … 100% Salvadoran chocolate and the expertise of the European tradition, to carry out the entire process to finish in a fine chocolate.”

Some specialties: truffles



Blvd. del Hipodromo 548

Colonia San Benito

El Salvador



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Abbreviation Key


Chocolatiers with the following notations sell at least some products of this type, according to our research. To be 100% certain about a specific product, you may wish to contact the chocolate maker directly.

  = Bean to Bar

 = Organic

= Vegan

= Gluten Free

 = Kosher

 = Fair Trade

 = Sugar Free

Please note: Brief quotations above are from chocolatier websites to help provide insight into their processes.

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