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Chocolate Festivals This Week

Below are the latest and greatest chocolate festivals coming soon!

Mar. 7 / New York City

Brooklyn Chocolate, Wine & Whiskey Festival

Come to burgeoning Brooklyn and enjoy chocolate in a multitude of decadent presentations – from sweet hand-rolled truffles to oooey goooey melted chocolate fondue and an amazing selection of bean-to-bar artisan chocolates. Quench your thirst with champagne, prosecco, premium wines, and fine whiskies! More info here:

Mar. 6-8 / Ashland, Oregon

Oregon Chocolate Festival

There’s so much to love about the Oregon Chocolate Festival! Each year it features the dreamy, mouth-watering creations of dozens of West Coast chocolatiers. These food artisans present a variety of fine chocolates and chocolate-inspired products that tease the taste buds of over 3,000 visitors. Chocoholics up and down the West Coast dream about this weekend every year!

Mar.12-15 / Sao Paulo, Brazil

Chocolat Sao Paulo

Back for its second year, this chocolate festival -- largest in Latin America, brings together the entire production chain from cocoa to chocolate. consumers and professionals in the area, In addition to the sale of chocolates and other derivative of cocoa, Chocolat São Paulo promotes sensory experiences, historical and artistic exhibitions, training courses, workshops, debates on sector themes and lectures given by national and international experts. More info here:


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