Super Mother's Day Deals...for your Super Mom!

Remember, your mom gave you life. So surely the least you can do is give her some good chocolate! And now, in this age of smart shopping, there's no reason why it can't also be at a great price. Below are some delicious treats that will both delight mom's palette and please your pocket:


Las Vegas, Nevada

Mention Las Vegas and most people will think of gambling and glamor, but amidst all the glittering hotels on the famous Strip is an extraordinary chocolatier. Classically trained in France, Jean-Marie Auboine has gone on to earn a host of coveted global titles, including "Top 10 Best Chocolatiers in America." Now, for Mother's Day, he's come up with some delicious treats that are sure to be winners with mom. Among them: a double-sea-salted caramel box ($45) and a chocolate body spa bag ($25). Check them all out here:


San Francisco, CA

Ghiradelli is one of America's grand, old chocolate companies, founded by

Domenico Ghiradelli who made his way from Italy to California in 1849 to provide miners in the Gold Rush with some sweet confections to help sustain them.

Well, the San Francisco-based company has come a long way since then! And for this Mother's Day they've got a great deal for you to give mom: a handpicked mix of her favorite chocolate flavors for as little as $33.95, a 15% savings. Order now and you'll also receive a 15% discount. More details here:


New York, NY

Through his early years as a pastry chef in France, Jacques Torres developed an abiding love for chocolate. That passion finally had its fulfillment in 2000 with the opening of his first chocolate store and factory across the pond in Brooklyn, NY. Since then, he has expanded to a half-dozen locations as well as a chocolate museum!

Now, your mom can enjoy a taste of Torres's creations with their limited edition I Love Mom bonbons starting at $29. Delight her with this delicious box of eight assorted signature bonbons and four creamy Belgian milk or dark chocolate with a touch of white chocolate and filled with a smooth soft center. Check out all the amazing options here: