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Strada del Turchino, 41

15067, Novi Ligure (Al)

Tel: +39 0143 468902


Founded in



Luciano Bodrato. Current owners: Paola and Fabio Bergaglio.

"The roots of our production are rooted in Piedmontese food and wine culture....Our expert craftsmen represent the avant-garde in the processing of cocoa, making great classics and innovative recipes dedicated to the most curious palates such as Pralina with Té Matcha or Cremini with Sale Maldon. Our recipes, which do not include the addition of preservatives or hydrogenated elements, are periodically reviewed by our experts in order to systematically reduce the amount of vegetable fats without altering taste. Our continuous experimentation also allows us to present today a wide range of gluten-free products."

Some specialties: boero cherries in white, milk and dark chocolate.



Strada del Turchino, 41

15067, Novi Ligure (Al)




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 = Organic

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