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Few things unite the world as much as food -- and few foods give rise to such unified joy and delight as chocolate. What is it about this lush, intensively flavorful treat that elicits pleasure to so many people in every corner of the world? 


Consider for a moment that virtually every country has enthusiastic consumers of chocolate. What is even more impressive is how many countries produce their own: some 70 countries by our count (and probably more). To honor them, we have created this compilation of chocolatiers around the world.


Please note that development of this site is an ongoing process – and while it is fairly comprehensive, no doubt there are additional chocolatiers we will be adding in the future. In fact, you are welcome to help us by pointing out any chocolatiers you love and would recommend. Write us at


Thank you, and now we hope you will please enjoy your explorations here on this site.

Joshua D. Mendes, founder

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