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  • How do you select chocolatiers for inclusion on the site?
    Selection is the result of a combination of factors: reputation of the chocolatier, quality of the process (such as starting with the raw bean), production of specialty items (such as vegan or gluten-free products), availability of product for sale on the website, and a compelling history and story. We include chocolatiers that are well over 100 years old and those that are just a few years old. All are to be admired for their great passion and dedication!
  • I do not see my favorite chocolate on your site. May I suggest it for inclusion?
    You sure can! Just write to us at with the name and website address of the chocolatier and we will be happy to look at it.
  • I think I see an error in one of your listings. How may I get in touch to make a correction?
    Please do! All corrections and suggestions are gratefully welcome. While we do our best to ensure accuracy of all the information, we are only human. Please write to us at Thank you in advance.
  • I am a chocolatier. Can I be considered for listing on your site?
    Absolutely! Just write to us at with your details, including website address and contact person, and we will be happy to respond as soon as possible.
  • Can you explain the category indicators (bean to bar, gluten free, vegan, etc)? Do these apply to all of the products by a chocolatier?"
    The category indicators mean that a chocolatier produces at least some products which fall into this category, according to our research, but to be sure, we recommend you check directly with the chocolatier that the chocolate meets any health and other requirements you may have.
  • Aren't there ethical issues in regard to chocolate, including the use of child labor?"
    Yes, and for that reason we recommend paying attention to information provided by an increasing number of chocolatiers on the sourcing of their chocolate, including fair-trade labeling. .
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