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26, Allées de Tourny

33000 Bordeaux

Tel: +33 5 56 44 24 22


Founded in



the Vène brothers. Serge Michaud, owner.

"There are places where time seems to suspend and stretch to allow the thread of memory to unfold, for a particular moment. The house of Cadiot-Badie is one of them. It has its secrets, its mystery, its luxury and its beauty. It is a house that has a soul. Founded in 1826, each owner left a trace, something personal that inspires and makes one want to devote oneself to creation and excellence....Thanks to a careful selection of noble materials, to traditional recipes, we use for our creations 15 tons of chocolate a year to satisfy the craziest desires of chocolate lovers. We are constantly looking for new associations of tastes; sometimes original, sometimes surprising, but always delicious."

Some specialties: citrus, cardinal, diamont noir, piémonte noir, mandalay, pâte à tartiner.



26, Allées de Tourny

33000 Bordeaux




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 = Organic

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