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Denarau Industrial Park

Denarau Island, Nadi

Tel: 679 672 1011


Founded in



Tomohito and Harumi Zukoshi.

"It is our wish to show the world how very beautiful Fiji chocolate is. In the beginning, we worked to revitalise these discarded plantations in Vanua Levu, we pruned 50m high ivy that covered old cacao trees including the Cundeamor Trinitario, black podded Amelonado Forastero cacao and tough Calabachillo Forastero varieties. We just wanted to revitalise the soulful Fijian cacao trees. After all our efforts of pruning the flowers started to bloom, and by 2008 we could see beautiful crops. With the help of Mother Nature, we revitalized our soulful cacao trees and began to process some of the finest dark chocolates in the world.”

Some specialties: toasted coconut milk chocolate, sea salt sesame milk chocolate, island coffee white chocolate, 100% dark chocolate.



Denarau Industrial Park

Denarau Island, Nadi




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