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Last-Minute Valentine's Day Deals!

Have you bought your special someone a gift for Valentine's Day yet? No? Uh oh. Well, better get a move on! Check out these scrumptious items below:


JOHN & KIRA'S | Take 20% Off Select Valentine's Day Items

Could amazing chocolate be the reason Philadelphia is known as the "City of Brotherly Love"? You might think so if you try the delicious confections at John & Kira's. Now, just for Valentine's day, they have some amazing deals, among them: a 9-piece "Hearts & Lovebugs" or the 18-piece "Sweethearts" or one of their other delicious items. Use promo code XOXO2020. For Guaranteed Valentine's delivery, please select a SHIP DATE no later than Feb. 12. Shop hereProfile here.

Westbrook, ME

BLACK DINAH | Special Valentine's Collection Now Online

It may be cold up in Maine during the month of February, but a taste of Black Dinah's delicious chocolate is enough to warm one's heart! Black Dinah was started in 2007 by Kate Shaffer, who looks to use ingredients from local farms, such as fresh cream, butter, herbs, fruits, and vegetables. For Valentine's Day, they have several collections that will warm your loved one's heart too. Check out their Dark Chocolate Caramel Truffles ($38.95) or "You're All Heart" collection -- or maybe their variety pack. They're sure to be pleased as punch! For timely delivery, order by Feb. 11. Shop hereProfile here.

Westbrook, ME

LAKE CHAMPLAIN | Something Special for Galentine's Day 

That's no typo. If you haven't yet heard about it, Galentine's Day is on Feb. 13 as a way to cherish your gal friends -- and well maybe treat them to some great chocolate! Lake Champlain has just the thing: a Galentine's Day Chocolate assortment for only $35 -- filled with luscious truffles, creamy salted caramels, Chocolates of Vermont, and more.  Shop here.Profile here.

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