Vegan Chocolates Everyone Will Love!

These Artisans Show that Animal- and Eco-friendly Chocolate Tastes Great.

Experts say it was probably in Asia's Indus Valley some 3,500 years ago that abstaining from all animal-related foods began. The consumption of chocolate is also quite ancient, going back some 2,500 years ago to various parts of South America. Yet it is only in the past couple of decades that confectioners deliberately set out to make vegan chocolate.

For today's vegans, it's been a veritable feast! From California to New York to the continents of Europe and Asia, wondrous vegan options can be found for those who seek it out. Grahame's Chocolate Guide counts some 58 chocolate businesses that offer vegan chocolate -- and no doubt, there are plenty more.

So what exactly makes a piece of chocolate vegan? Crucially, it must not have any animal-derived products. Chocolate's key ingredient -- cacao -- is a bean grown on trees. So that's not a problem. But milk would be a no-no because it comes from cows. So would caramel, which is partly made from milk. For many vegans, even honey would be considered impermissible because it comes from bees.